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CONTRACT PROVISIONS: In exchange for consideration stated above, the contractor offers to provide professional wedding reception services, including, but not limited to:
A. Consultation services, a personal meeting with the purchaser for the purpose of planning and detailing the event.
B. Coordination and management of the event.
C. Master of ceremonies services.
D. Disc Jockey and music entertainment.

SPECIAL PROVISIONS: Unless other arrangements are made, I will contact you approximately 4 weeks prior to finalize the details.

Upon signature of Purchaser and Contractor, this agreement is deemed to be an acceptance of all terms by all parties.

Filling out this form does not guarantee the availability of your date. Upon receiving your contract through our email, we will mail you two (2) copies of your contract. Please keep one copy for your records and return the other with your deposit to the address on the bottom of the contract. No event is considered booked until we receive a deposit accompanied by a copy of our contract, although we do immediately pencil you into our books and hold the date until you can return your contract and deposit. Please do not mail in a deposit until you receive a contract from our office via U.S. mail.


NOTICE: You may also provide this information by snail mail, phone or in person. We are not responsible and accept no liability for information sent over the internet in the unlikely event that such information is misdirected, intercepted or hacked.

If you have any questions involving your BIG DAY, don't hesitate to call!!!
(618) 235-5800 or (314) 602-5800

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